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solo adventure travel

Solo adventure travel

“It is only alone, truly alone that one bursts apart, springs forth,” Portuguese writer Maria Isabel Barreno once said.
We are all boxes of presents waiting to be uncovered. There are more unthinkable things that we have yet to discover in ourselves if we try to take risks. These risks can be in a form of solo traveling, which is said to be the most liberating feeling ever. When you travel solo, you get to be the captain of your itinerary, and everything that comes with it—easy to say but not always easy to do.
How prepared are you to embark on a travel solo adventure? Find out how many of the signs below you can relate, before you book a plane ticket and travel solo

12 Signs You Are Prepared To Travel Solo

1)You are comfortable making new friends
Traveling alone doesn’t mean you are lonely, it means you can handle all sorts of possible situations on your own including a random conversation with a stranger. Travel solo means you get to meet and talk to people outside your culture, preference, and usual circle without feeling scared. In fact, it excites you. You don’t feel shy or bothered by the company of a new found friend. You may even be up for splitting a cab fare or sharing an expensive dessert.


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2)You don’t mind where you end up sleeping
You can pretty much snooze everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you end up sleeping in the airport, on a train, on a bus, in the car, or on some stranger’s couch via couchsurfing. You don’t care if your bag transforms into a pillow or your coat into a blanket. Travel solo literally gives you the freedom and privilege to sleep wherever and whenever you want. Remember, you are the boss.

3) You are fine with being lost
If Christopher Columbus did not get lost, he would not have discovered America. If the possibility of getting lost doesn’t scare you, it’s a good sign that you are ready to travel solo. Being lost means something so amazing is waiting to be found. You don’t believe in wrong directions and wrong turns. Instead, you look forward to the adventures and surprises around every corner. You may even find a strange comfort in it.

4) You enjoy spending time with yourself
One of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself while you travel solo is some “me time”. You find fulfillment in treating yourself with a cup of tea or coffee in a fancy tucked-away coffee shop. You feel an unexplainable kind of fun when you sit on a park’s bench alone, eat dinner alone, watch movies alone with or without the presence of people in groups or in pairs because you are just simply happy being on your own.

5) You want to try eating something you haven’t tried before
To experience and get a good grasp of a certain culture, you have to fearlessly try their food. And I say fearlessly because your choices could range from the place’s most special delicacy to the most exotic or the most bizarre. Since you travel solo, you have no companion to rely on what to eat for lunch or dinner. However, this doesn’t stop you from asking strangers for recommendations. The adventurous side in you just couldn’t wait to try a whole new gastronomic experience.


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6) You know how to stick to your budget
Unless you got extra millions of dollars to blow, you can spend your cash however you want or maybe purchase an island while you’re at it. But, if you travel solo with just the right amount of money, you have now mastered sticking to your budget. You take full control of your spending just as much as how you take full control of your travel. If you know where to go and what to do, then it’s an auto-response in your system to manage wisely the amount of money you can spend.

7) You are open to anything, anywhere, anytime
Sometimes, when you embark on a solo travel adventure in a strange new land, you don’t exactly know what to do and what to expect. That is the beauty that comes with it. You get to unleash the spunky spirit in you. You are just up for anything, anywhere, any time. You may sing in a public karaoke session, eat a developing duck embryo known as balut, impulsively decide to do skydiving, eat in the most bizarre restaurant, watch a wildly different show, or anything!

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Iran sightseeing company’s solo traveler

8) You find ways to communicate to others
Fear of losing in translation? That is just the least of your worries because you know how to communicate with other strangers minus the language. Although it varies in every culture, most honest messages are even told through non verbal communication. You can use your stare, hand gestures, facial expressions, or even the direction of your feet to express what it is that you want to say.


Iran sightseeing company’s solo traveler

9) You don’t forget to bring your basic essentials
When you go outside and travel solo, you just can’t help but channel your inner Nancy Drew. It’s in your nature to bring basic essentials in your purse like a bottle of water, a bar of sneakers, an umbrella, a pocketful of tissue, a tiny first aid kit maybe, or a small bottle of alcohol. You never know when these things might come in handy. As you travel solo, you may or may not encounter unexpected bumps along the way in which these essentials could be your life saver.

10) You are contented with what little possessions you have
If you are to pack things you could use for a lifetime in a limited-sized backpack, what are you willing to bring and leave behind? In your case, this question will be a breeze because you don’t mind having less material possessions. Life’s weight for you is not measured by the amount of stuff you possess but the family, friends and experiences that you have acquired. You know how to survive living out of a backpack and you know living with it is more than enough.

11) You never let fear get the best of you

Fear is a natural response to certain threatening and daunting circumstances. But you do not let it get the best of you. You acknowledge fear and its inherent effect on you. Instead of giving in, you defy it and use it as an advantage. In fact, it pushes you and fuels you to go farther and discover more unimaginable adventures. If you are caught in any moment of fear, just ask yourself, “Who isn’t?”

12) You don’t miss a trip to a foreign supermarket
Foreign supermarkets are like the Wonderland of the ever gorgeous assorted food. It’s a secret little side trip you always look forward to. You get in awe walking along the aisles of goodies, browsing the shelves, and carefully reading the descriptions on it which you may or may not understand. Then, you stumble on an interesting food item you end up examining and buying.

Everyone is capable of an epic travel solo escapade anywhere and at any time. Anyone who says otherwise, probably lives in a mountain of excuses. All you have to prepare for is the right amount of budget, reasonable number of essentials, an appetite for adventure, a lasting trust in your instincts, and an endless possession of guts. Once you have it all packed up, go, discover the world, and may the force be with you.

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