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Best Iran adventure activities for autumn

Iran is the 18th largest country in the world. But it’s different parts don’t share the same climate.

Iran is a large and four-season country and it gives the tourist the opportunity to experience to Iran in winter and take refuge in the southern mild areas to escape the cold, or you can come to Iran in summer and travel to it’s western regions to escape the hot weather and enjoy the cool weather of it’s beautiful mountains. This is the magic of climate of Iran.

Despite the climate change in the recent decade and also the severe attack of machine life to the life of the people around the world, Iran has an untouched nature, and is a very suitable place for tourism. Any kind of climate they wish in any time of the year. Iran with 11 of 13 known climate zones in the world, and also 16 national parks and 33 wildlife refuges, is among the attractive natural regions of the world.Variable climate conditions have caused various ecosystems in Iran. 8000 plant species in Iran is a good indication of this variety.[1]

We recommend you to visit Iran due to your adventure activities you enjoy. Here we advise you which season is good for each adventure activities:

1) Winter (January, February, March): Skiing in Alborz and Zagross resorts. Trekking in Zagross mountains.

2) Spring (April, May, June): Horseback riding, Trekking and Caving in Zagross mountains. Living with Qashqai nomads.

3) Summer (July, August, September): Mountaineering to Dena and Damavand summits. Horseback riding, Trekking and Caving in Zagross mountains. Living with Qashqai nomads.

4) Autumn (October, November, December): Desert adventure in Dasht-e-kavir. Horseback riding, Trekking and Caving in Zagross mountains.


In this post we focus on the last part, adventure activities in autumn.

Autumn is the season of green, yellow and red colors or the season of 70 colors, when nature spreads it’s sublime beauty. One needs a thousand colorful pencils to paint the diverse colors of autumn in the north, south, east and west of Iran.[2]

Here we explain more about each activities for autumn:

1) Horse riding: In autumn Iran has a mild weather, the best climate for horse riding! In this season the soil become soft and compacted, this ground is great for horse riding.

2) Trekking: while trekking in autumn you will enjoy moderated weather and colorful trees.

3) Desert adventure: the ecological conditions of the deserts in Iran are so severe that they are not tolerable either in summer or winter. A point far from altitudes can reach up to 60 degrees C during summer and the average temperature during winter get down to -7degrees C at night. The best time to visit Iran’s awesome desert is autumn.

4) Caving: Caving during hibernation season may disturb bats. So the best time for caving is early autumn.


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2) zheighami, Iran manifestation of four seasons, Third edition, mirdashti, 2008



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